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It’s the 37th Annual Wooden Boat Festival!

And the Waterline Boats / Boatshed Seattle 1986 Rosborough Privateer will be there!

Look for Halcyon Days moored adjacent to the well-known sailing vessel Adventuress and directly in front of the Northwest Maritime Center. Owners and hosts Jim and Linda Crabtree will be aboard providing tours and promoting the sale of the vessel that brought them so much joy and many memories. Jim & Linda have decided to retire from the boating lifestyle — but that means that their boat must sell. Stop by….get a tour….hear of their adventures…..make an offer…..they just may accept it!

The show runs September 6-8, 2013 click for festival details: Wooden Boat Festival

View 78 large format photos plus video of the 1986 Rosborough.

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Every Day Is A Boat Show At Waterline Boats!

Every-Day-Boat-Show at Waterline BoatsThe NEW Waterline Boats / Boatshed Seattle docks accommodate more boats and provide greater visibility and access making it feel like a boat show everyday!

power boats | sail boats | trawlers | yachts

We have thirteen pre-owned and two new vessels at our docks. Many are reduced in price – all are ready to be viewed! To preview our present  “Boat Show” line-up click on the photos below. If the specs, photos, and videos spark your interest come on down to our 2400 Westlake Avenue North Offices and Marina and see that intriguing vessel for yourself. Admission is free!

Waterline Boats / Boatshed Seattle Office “Boat Show” hours-
Monday – Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm
Or by Appointment
206 282 0110

2000 Pacific Trawlers 40 Pilothouse


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Seattle Boat Show – We’re On The Lake!

You’ll find Waterline Boats / Boatshed Seattle on South Lake Union at the 2013 Seattle Boat Show!

Waterline Boats has two Helmsman Trawlers® afloat – the 38 Pilothouse and the Two Stateroom 37 Sedan. Step aboard and see two great examples of our practically sized, efficient, built-to-last Helmsman Trawlers®.

Waterline Boats / Boatshed Seattle can also be found in the display tent on the dock at South Lake Union. We’ll have Helmsman Trawlers® & Bracewell Yachts models and information on display. AND a Boatshed Seattle display including all of our brokerage listings.

It’s More Than a Boat Thing….
Our booth will be staffed with experienced, enthusiastic agents happy to talk boats!
We are prepared to help you with your boat search – and can find the vessel that’s right for you. Or let us explain the benefits of listing your boat with Boatshed – the progressive, professional, and proactive yacht marketing system.

South Lake Union:
11AM – 5PM
WEEKENDS: 10AM – 5PM (4PM on Sunday 3 February)

Click for further information on the show: Seattle Boat Show

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Trawlers at the 2012 Boats Afloat Show!

2010 Waterline Boats at Boats AfloatIt’s that time of year again! No, not back to school……time for the Lake Union-Seattle Boats Afloat Show!

Waterline Boats / Boatshed Seattle will be displaying four trawlers at the show: a 2013 Helmsman Trawlers 38 Pilothouse, a 2012 Helmsman Trawlers 37 Sedan, a 2010 Ranger Tugs R-29 and a 1995 Camano 31 Trawler. Come to the show and step aboard!

Don’t miss our Waterline Boats / Boatshed Seattle display of many more new and brokerage boats for sale.

Boats Afloat runs September 12-16. For more information click- 2012 Boats Afloat
View the Helmsman Trawlers website.

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This Just In… Helmsman Trawlers 37 Sedan

Just off the ship and now at our Waterline Boats Seattle docks!

The new model 2012 Helmsman Trawlers 37 Sedan (with two staterooms) is being prepped for PassageMaker’s TrawlerFest – Anacortes and can be seen in Seattle until 14 May. It can then be viewed in Anacortes at TrawlerFest from 17-19 May and will be back at our Seattle docks on 21 May. If you’re looking for an efficient and practically-sized sedan trawler of the highest quality this beauty truly is a must see! Give us a call to make a viewing appointment.

206 282 0110
Helmsman Trawlers
TrawlerFest Anacortes Information

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TrawlerFest Anacortes – May 17-19


Waterline Boats / Boatshed Seattle is exhibiting in PassageMaker’s 2012 TrawlerFest – Anacortes!

Waterline Boats will display two models from the Helmsman Trawlers line: a 38 Pilothouse Trawler,
and (making its debut) our new 37 Sedan Two Stateroom Trawler! We will be pleased to welcome TrawlerFest attendees aboard and to show these high quality, practically-sized and reasonably-priced trawlers.

As Boatshed Seattle we will also display three trawlers from our brokerage inventory:

1985 Custom Cruising Tug William Garden 30
2001 Camano 31 Trawler Troll
2000 Nordic Tugs 37

A Boatshed Seattle presentation featuring all the trawlers and motor yachts in our inventory will be on display.

For information on TrawlerFest Anacortes, click here!

To see new vessels debuting at Trawler Fest Anacortes, click here!

Ask us about our 2010 Ranger Tug R-29 that will be at Cap Sante Marina and available for viewing! Preview Here

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Don’t Miss The Boat!

The 2012 Seattle Boat Show is over…… you didn’t make it this year….. and now you feel you missed the boat…..not so!!

Waterline Boats has moved its Helmsman Trawlers and Boatshed Seattle displays, and our stock Helmsman Trawlers 38 Pilothouse to our Westlake office and docks in Seattle! Stop by to view our Helmsman Trawlers 42 Cruiser, 38 Pilothouse, 37 Sedan and 37 Downeast scale models up close. We will be happy to answer any of your questions and excited to inform you about this extraordinary line of trawlers. Step aboard the 38 Pilothouse and see for yourself the exceptional craftsmanship, innovative design and solid construction of the proven Helmsman Trawlers line.

Waterline Boats’ brokerage is powered by the Boatshed System. Click Here to view the entire Waterline Boats / Boatshed Seattle Inventory. Toss us a line to or give us a call 206.282.0110. We’d love to assist you in your boat search and help find the boat that’s right for you.
Helmsman Trawlers, Waterline Boats & Boatshed Seattle Display
Helmsman Trawlers 38 Pilothouse

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Waterline Boats – At The Seattle Boat Show!

We’re on the lake! Visit Waterline Boats / Boatshed Seattle at the Seattle Boat Show!
January 27 – February 5     2012

Waterline Boats is displaying a new Helmsman Trawlers 38 Pilothouse on the water. Step aboard to see the quality and design features of the Helmsman Trawlers line — you’ll understand why we are so excited about these boats!

You will also find us in the display tent at the Lake Union venue where we have a booth with display models of the entire Helmsman Trawlers line —we’ll be pleased to explain the features of all the models. We are also featuring all of our Boatshed Seattle brokerage listings (100 in all) in this display. Our booth will be staffed with experienced Waterline Boats / Boatshed Seattle agents eager to talk about boating and happy to assist you in finding the vessel that’s right for you.

View the map below to locate our venues.
We look forward to your visit.
For further information on the show, click here!

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Waterline Boats / Boatshed Seattle at the 2011 Boats Afloat Show!

We’re There! On the water at the Seattle Boats Afloat Show!

Waterline Boats / Boatshed Seattle will be displaying six boats at the show, 14-18 September 2011. Our line-up includes a Bracewell Pacesetter 540, two Bracewell 41’s, a Mariner 42 Classic Trawler, a recently-arrived 2012 37 Pilothouse Trawler and a beautiful pre-owned Eclipse 40 Sportfish Yacht.

Be sure to stop by our Waterline Boats / Boatshed Seattle location where we’ll present many more of our new and brokerage boats for sale.

We look forward to seeing you there!

For information about the Seattle Boats Afloat Show, click here!
View our website Waterline Boats

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Featured Boat of the Week – Hallberg-Rassy 41 Center Cockpit Ketch!

Tired of the rat race? This boat can take you away from it all……..
Click here to view details of this blue-water world cruiser.

Need inspiration to drop your work-a-day shackles? Here is one of the owners’ many experiences:

It was the middle of a tropical night when we killed the engine about 5 nm northeast of the entrance into the lagoon of Lukunor, a remote island of the Mortlock Group in Micronesia. We never enter an unknown riff passage in the night. Safety first! So we let our yacht drift with the current. There was no breeze and when I settled myself into the cockpit cushions for my turn at watch, I observed Orion rising above the horizon, and gazed at a wonderful world of millions of stars in a dark, cloudless sky. I sat there in awe and could hardly follow all the meteors plunging into the atmosphere.

Maria had gone to bed in the cabin below. When I heard an insistent breathing I assumed that she had fallen soundly asleep. But I soon realized that the breathing wasn’t coming from the cabin! Had Maria come up again to join me in the wonderful dark night? No. What was the noise?

From the sound it couldn’t be a whale! We had had many whale encounters. It couldn’t be a dolphin either. What about a giant turtle? I listened carefully. The sound moved around close to the boat. How could I find out?

I got the halogen lamp and waited. Half a minute later the distinctive human breathing came again, this time on the port side. I switched on the lamp and in the beam of bright light I saw a huge white animal which tried to hide from the light, shaking its massive body and sinking until it was gone.

What was it? It was white and it was huge, as long as the boat. We never saw white whales. But I know that Belugas live in cold areas like the Arctic waters. But here? We’d never heard of Belugas in the tropics. Could it be a Dugong or Manatee? But we had seen them previously and knew that they were much smaller.

The breathing returned. I was prepared and turned the light on again. On the back of the massive white body there was a little fin, like humpbacks have. So it WAS a whale! This time the animal did not hide, and moved slowly around our boat. And now I saw why it breathed like a human being — the air hole on its back was always above the water surface. So no need to press the water out!

Maria came up from below. She too had heard the loud breathing and became scared because the hull of the boat intensified the sound. We watched the whale for hours and wondered why he moved in increasingly close circles around the boat. It wasn’t the first time that we had observed that the hull of our boat was interesting for these huge animals. Did they confuse the shape with a member of the other sex? Could it become dangerous if the whale attempted to mate with our boat?

First daylight appeared on the horizon. The whale was gone and replaced by a pod of dolphins which started jumping from the water, some spinning in the air, and falling back with a big splash. After 15 minutes they were gone too.

Daylight in the tropics comes and goes in an instant. With the day’s light we started the engine and motored through the narrow entrance into the lush, green lagoon. A yacht was anchored in front of a little village of palm huts. When we passed the yacht a couple came into the cockpit and invited us for breakfast. What a night! And what a reception!


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