Do you want to sell your boat? You have lots of choices for brokers, or you could try to sell it yourself. Getting your boat sold starts with getting it seen. And today, getting seen starts with the internet. Nearly everyone buying a boat will search online, but they don’t all look in the same places.

Waterline Boats will put more eyeballs on your boat than anyone else:

  • We’re the exclusive Washington licensee for the Boatshed International Yacht Brokerage System. With over 60 offices worldwide Boatshed is the largest yacht brokerage group in the world. Every office advertises all of the boats listed by Boatshed throughout the world.
  • Waterline Boats has three Washington brokerage locations to serve you – Boatshed Seattle – Boatshed Tacoma — Boatshed Everett.
  • We have over 700,000 registered Boatshed customers. These are people who’ve given us their contact information because they want to know more about our boats. Any other broker would brag about a tenth or even a hundredth as many customers.
  • We’re fanatics about search engine optimization so your boat will rise to the top.
  • Boatshed provides a complete and honest presentation of your boat, with up to 80 photos and video in an appealing and informative format that is simply better. Buyers prefer our site — that’s what we hear frequently.
  • In addition to Boatshed’s many websites we use Yachtworld, Boat Trader, and other US and European-based websites to market your boat. Your boat could not get better internet visibility. And we buy print advertising too!

But there’s more to achieving a fast, successful sale at a good price…
You want a broker who will treat you fairly:

  • If you don’t like what we’re doing to represent your boat you may cancel at any time with short notice — you’re not locked in to a long-term contract with us. This is our service guarantee. Why do others require long-term contracts?
  • Owners may advertise their boats privately if they wish — if we don’t bring the buyer you owe us nothing. Frankly we do lose some listings to private sales. That’s ok — it’s the risk we take because of our confidence in what we can do. What can be fairer than that?
  • We will report regularly and extensively with statistics and viewing information – so that you remain well-informed of the market and your boat’s position in it. We won’t leave you in the dark.

We’re not a fly-by-night broker:

  • We’re a bricks-and-mortar operation in our ninth year of business, with prime “yacht broker row” display moorage available at our Lake Union docks for a discounted rate. We’re invested in what we do. We have office hours, and know the importance of a customer walking in the door to “just take a look”.
  • We have agents covering Olympia to Blaine to Port Angeles — and can represent your boat where she lies anywhere around Puget Sound, the San Juans, and the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
  • We’re members of Northwest Yacht Brokers Association and Northwest Marine Trade Association

We have cutting-edge sales tools:

  • The Boatshed System provides the best internet customer management tools in the business so we are more proactive in engaging with interested customers. This is a fundamental difference compared with other brokers and enables Boatshed to claim, based upon independent statistics, that we sell boats twice as fast.
  • We innovate to stay ahead and to offer the best services. The latest example is our use of 360 Virtual Tours — another way that buyers can get excited about your boat.

How do you get started?

  • Call our Seller Relations Specialist. How many other brokers have someone whose job is to take care of their sellers? Call 206-282-0110 to learn more. Or by email boats@waterlineboats.com
  • We’re happy to provide a market analysis and to tell you about our tools and strategies for achieving a sale.