WLB-landing-page-43-PHAll Helmsman Trawlers® feature proven, solid construction methods, exceptional craftsmanship, abundant use of quality materials, and beamy, capable hull designs.

The Helmsman 43 Pilothouse is an expanded version of our popular 38 Pilothouse. Its creation was inspired by the many times we’ve heard “I love the 38 Pilothouse but I need two staterooms”. So we’ve retained features that make the 38 Pilothouse appealing…richly nautical interior design and construction…a unique day head accessible from the salon…spacious “low rise” pilothouse with good visibility aft to complement outstanding forward visibilty…open interior layout…the safe and easy access around the exterior of the boat…the large flybridge and boat deck. And with the additional volume achieved from a longer and wider hull and additional freeboard we’ve added a second stateroom, increased the size of the salon, added more interior seating, and increased the cockpit area. We’ve also added new features including a no-drip edge around the bridgedeck and a full-length cockpit cover.

The Helmsman 43 Pilothouse is offered at $479,000 well-equipped with the most common and desirable features, and including U.S. delivery and prep.

The first three hulls are in progress. Contact us to learn more.

A wide range of options and custom configurations are available. We’d like to talk with you about your ideas!

Helmsman – take the wheel!
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