Helmsman 2016 38 Pilothouse Offload

It is exciting every time to approach the massive Cosco cargo ship at the Port of Seattle and search for the location of the most important cargo on board. But this time was different – a search wasn’t necessary at all. The Waterline Boats delivery crew and new owner had no difficulty spotting the Helmsman Trawlers 38 Pilothouse grandly perched at the head of the ship.

We were all up bright and early Monday morning boarding our reliable and experienced tow boat. Not just ready, but enthusiastic to assist with the offload of another Helmsman Trawlers. Each offload experience is different from the last and this time the prestigious location dictated our special cargo to be offloaded first. Not the usual hurry up and wait scenario we’re used to…what a great start!

Lee and Sally Shobe ordered their new construction 38 Pilothouse last fall – we were happy that Lee could participate in this offload event especially on such a beautiful May morning.

It was an impressive and successful delivery – everything went smoothly. This one starting with a ship to shore offload of the 38 Pilothouse for inspection and placement of the slings under the hull. Once approved and ready the vessel was hoisted up off shore, traveled back over the cargo ship and slowly and gently lowered into Elliot Bay. Scott turned the helm over and secured a life jacket while Roger, now at the helm maneuvered the tow boat toward the harnessed vessel. Scott carefully stepped off the tow boat and boarded the Helmsman, attached a tow line and soon both he and the boat were pulled free from the slings. Once clear from the Cosco ship, ferry lanes, an incoming cruise ship and an outgoing working tug our crew pulled the 38 in toward our tow boat and tied it along side. Gear and crew were transferred to the Pilothouse, systems checked, fuel was added, the engine started and Lee gave a confirming thumbs up! Now it’s through the locks and on to our Waterline Boats docks!





Fresh off the ship just hours earlier this new 2016 Helmsman Trawlers 38 Pilothouse is now being fully commissioned at our Waterline Boats Docks. Come on down… see a Helmsman Trawlers for yourself. Give us a call 206 282 0110

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